Our Commitment to Safety

Safe practices. Safe tools. Safe environment


At Advantage North Services, we take care of the safety and health of our staff and clients. We support the workers’ right to work in a safe environment. Our management is committed to providing a safe work site to all our employees, and we do it by conducting regular inspections, holding safety meetings, and immediate reporting of incidents. We also maintain and repair all tools and equipment to ensure a smooth working process. No matter how intensive a process is – gravel crushing, heavy hauling, or excavating – we ensure the complete safety of everyone involved.

Regular training
We provide regular training sessions to all our employees in Alberta to see that they stay updated with the knowledge of all possible work hazards. It is our commitment to quality that ensures that all employees of Advantage North Services are provided with good health and safety.

Our training covers these parts:

  • Orientation with extensive review and acknowledgment of all company policies, practices, and procedures
  • Construction Safety Training System
  • Electronic General Safety Orientation (eGSO)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Standard First Aid & CPR Level C
  • H2S Alive
  • Ground Disturbance Level 1 & 2
  • Bear, Wildlife, and Environmental Awareness

Compliance with government regulations
Our program complies with the government regulatory requirements in Alberta. We have a full-time National Construction Safety Officer to ensure that all employees receive the standard training upon hire.